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French Lessons Brisbane

‘La Directrice’ Amelie Delmotte

Amelie is Parisienne, which means she comes from Paris! Amelie developed a passion for other languages and cultures at an early age through student exchanges in England, Ireland, America and Spain.  

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics at the University of Paris, Amelie felt herself drawn back to England to study Languages at Cambridge University.

After teaching French language classes for preschoolers through to adults in England, Amelie moved to Australia where she started offering French classes. She found that there was a high demand to learn French in Brisbane, so decided to open French Lessons Brisbane.

After such diverse exposure to other cultures and languages, Amelie found that being multi lingual opened many doors for her across the world. She also understood the challenges of learning another language and felt disillusioned with the way foreign languages are normally taught – in a classroom, seated at a desk, learning French verbs!

After arriving in Brisbane, Australia, she felt passionate about opening up the world of France, the French people and their language to local Brisbane people. Amelie also wanted to replicate the immersion method in her French teaching, by offering fun, interactive lessons in which her students would be encouraged to speak, read and learn French in a supportive and relaxed environment.

And this was how French Lessons Brisbane was born!

Amelie’s approach to teaching French

Learn French in a supportive, relaxed environment

Amelie has a unique approach to learning French. For her, it’s all about bringing the language alive and involving her students as much as possible. She calls it ‘kinetic learning’ – which is the opposite to having students sit still at desks. Amelie focuses on engaging her students – both young and old – with a huge range of resources. Any one lesson may feature puppets, songs, contemporary French television, games of bingo, role playing, books and even cooking! 

If your French lessons are fun, you’ll learn more!

The key is the enjoyment of learning. Amelie strongly believes that if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you’re more likely to be engaged in your learning. Many of Amelie’s students have commented that her lessons don’t even feel like ‘lessons’. While they are fun though, Amelie manages to coax great results out of her students!

Why Amelie set up French Lessons Brisbane

Amelie has found that the traditional way of teaching a foreign language neither inspires students nor produces good results. Amelie replicates the immersion method of teaching, which follows more closely the way we all naturally learn languages at an early age. By surrounding the student in French (in a supportive, relaxed way) students will learn to read, comprehend and speak in the language more quickly.

Rather than sitting students down at a desk, Amelie involves them in their language learning – from cooking classes, playing games and role plays to listening to French songs.

French Lessons Brisbane offers French lessons to anyone interested in learning French – from preschool children, to adults planning a trip to France, to corporate people requiring specific French language lessons for business purposes.

French lessons tailored to your interests and needs

Amelie also wanted to offer tailored classes for those with specific needs and interests – who may not want a ‘one size fits all’ model of class.

At French Lessons Brisbane – whether you are a young preschooler learning French for the first time or a business person needing to learn or improve your French, your lessons will be fun, engaging, infused with French culture…and importantly, you will get results!
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