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French Language Lessons

Term 3 classes

run from 16 July to 26 September.

Courses are taught in an interactive way both online and offline with a maximum of six students per class.
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We offer a wide range of French language lessons for preschoolers, primary and secondary students and adults. 

We also offer flexibility in lesson delivery – face to face at French Language Lessons Brisbane, on site at your home or business or if it’s more convenient - online via skype.

French language lessons for children
Children are wonderful language learners. As their mother tongue has not been fully developed, they are more able to mimic sounds and language structures and pick up the intonation of another language. Their minds truly are like sponges!

We offer a range of French language classes for children from 3 years of age right through to secondary students completing their final year of school. Each lesson is a vibrant, interactive mix of language and French culture taught in a fun way through the use of games, puppets, stories, role plays, online media, video, cooking and dance.

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For children 3 – 6 years old

Lesson format:
30 minutes long / 10 week course

Course materials: games, bingo, give them something and lessons will be fun and interactive, focusing on role playing, storytelling, singing, craft, board games and French videos. Topics covered include simple phrases, greetings, numbers, animals, food, vegetables, fruits, the home, colours, transport and food.  

Timetable: Monday and Tuesday between 10 and 11

Primary School Children A

For children 6-8 years old

Lesson format: one hour / 10 week course

Course materials : Lessons will be fun and interactive,including role playing,storytelling,singing,craft,board games and French Videos.The student's knowledge of French will be reviewed initially to ascertain the appropriate approach and level of French Language classes.

Themes covered include school,social activities,birthdays, food,Grammar,vocabulary and reading dialogues are integrated along the way.

Primary School Children B - Advanced

For children 9 – 11 years old

Lesson format: one hour / 10 week course

Course materials:  Students will each be given an exercise book and textbook, and class activities will include singing, storytelling, games, French videos and role plays. The student’s knowledge of French will be reviewed initially to ascertain the appropriate approach and level of French language classes.

Themes covered include school, social activities, birthdays, food. Grammar, vocabulary and reading dialogues are integrated along the way. Themes covered are the same as in the above program, but at an advanced level.

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French language lessons for Secondary School students

* Beginners
* Intermediate

Ideal for students:

  • Studying French at high school
  • Preparing for mid - year and end of year exams
  • Going on a school trip to France or New Caledonia or on exchange to a French speaking country

Lesson format: two hours, 10 week course. Lessons will focus on complimenting secondary school curriculum and will cover conversational skills, repetition and native pronunciation. Students will be reviewed initially to ascertain their knowledge of French.

Course materials: Students will be given a textbook / CD rom which focuses on vocabulary, grammar and comprehension.

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