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French Language Lessons

Private Tuition
One on one French language lessons can be tailored around your individual needs. You may be a secondary student going on exchange to New Caledonia, or in your final year and wanting to complete some intensive French language lessons.  Whatever your needs, we can tailor a course of French language lessons for you.

Lesson format: one hour, course topics and duration to be determined by student, some focused on grammar, some want more intensive style of learning.

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French Language lessons for Adults Conversation

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

French for Travellers, French for business

Private Tuition: French conversation classes
Whether you’ve never spoken a word of French before or you’re confident you’d be able to debate the future of the EU in French, we offer a range of French language lessons to suit your abilities.

Before we allocate you to a level, at your first lesson you’ll complete a brief review (we don’t call it test!) to ascertain your French language ability.

Lesson format: One hour, a course of ten.

Course materials: Cles Pour la France: A textbook covering a diverse range of French topics, including French culture, gastronomy, Famous French people, history and everyday life in France. Each lesson will cover one of these themes, with students researching the topic and engaging in supported conversation about the topic with Amelie.

Learn to speak French with Amelie! Your first lesson is complimentary. 

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Private Tuition
We also offer private tuition tailored around your requirements. You may have a special interest in a particular topic, or perhaps you’re going on exchange to New Caledonia and would like to learn more about that country. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor a course of French language lessons around your needs and interests.

Lesson format: Tailored around your individual needs and interests.

Course materials :
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French language lessons for travellers

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, for obvious reasons! It’s a diverse, beautiful country full of culture, history, wonderful cuisine, art, music and the most wonderful language in the world – French! 

Make the most of your trip to France!
If you’re planning a trip to France or a French speaking country, learning some basic phrases in French will make your trip far more enjoyable. By simply learning how to greet people in shops, how to ask directions, how to order in a restaurant and other basic phrases, you’ll impress your French hosts who will more than likely give you better service!

You don’t have to be fluent…
French people don’t expect you to speak fluently! They will just appreciate your efforts to communicate in their language. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes to make the effort to greet the French in a culturally appropriate way. Saying a few phrases, ordering in French…you’ll have a lot of fun!  

With French lessons Brisbane, you’ll learn quickly all the essential greetings and phrases you need to make your French trip wonderful!

Lesson format: One hour, course of 10 lessons

Course materials: A textbook covering the type of everyday language you will need in your travels through France. Themes include Greeting, saying hello and goodbye, enquiring about someone’s name, providing your nationality, introducing friends / partners, ordering drinks and food, asking for directions and how far away something is, requesting a particular room type, asking for a specific place and understanding opening hours. Lessons will include basic direction in French culture.

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General French

Thursday 16 th August-5 September
10.30-12.30pm (5 week course)
This course is for the beginner and features General French for complete Beginners or Students with little French knowledge (Bookings are essential) Only eight students in the class

Skype Lessons

Are you living away from Brisbane? Do You live outside Australia? Or maybe you don't have time to travel to a lesson.

Contact us and find out how you can do your lessons on Skype, the free call and conferencing software when used computer to computer anywhere in the world. The software is downloadable for free at www.skype.com


Corporate: French Language Classes for Business

Does your company have French clients or do you have subsidiary companies in French speaking countries? Being able to speak the language while doing business has been proven to provide a strong advantage.

I offer corporate French language courses on site at your office for individuals or small groups.

The course content and approach is fully customised to your individual needs and objectives. I am flexible with course delivery and will tailor a program around your employee commitments.

Why French Lessons Brisbane for your business French?

  • French native speaker
  • Intensive French language lessons for fast results
  • Flexible course delivery tailored around your commitments
  • Individual or small group delivery
  • General French conversation for business or specialist vocabulary for specific industry sectors
  • Progress reports
  • Return on investment with a skilled, bi lingual workforce
  • A competitive edge in future markets in a global marketplace

Your first consultation is free. Contact me today to arrange a time 0415 799 620

-  Course materials - book
-  progress reports every 5 lessons

Lesson format – one hour. Lessons cover speaking, writing, comprehension and considerations of French culture in a business environment.
Course materials – exercise book and textbook

Terms and conditions

Refund Policy

Postponement of lesson to following week – 24 hours notice
25% refund of prepaid fees with one week’s written notice
Course materials are non-refundable

Course materials

There is a one off fee for each level of $50 to cover course materials per student. 

Lesson bookings
After the first lesson, bookings are taken for a choice of 10, 20 or 30 lessons.
Discount of 10% for 2 students or more when booking the course of 20 one hour lessons.
Discount of 15% for 2 students or more when booking the course of 30 one hour lessons.

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