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French Lessons Brisbane

My Approach

My mission at French Lessons Brisbane

To immerse my students in French language and culture in a relaxing, supportive environment and to engage and encourage my students to speak, read and write in French – no matter what level they are at!

To instill a love of French

I strongly believe the first step in learning a language is to instill a love of that language and the culture. My lessons are engaging, interactive, full of movement, songs, games and role plays! If you are having fun learning, you’re more likely to engage and learn! 

Bringing the French language and culture alive...

I believe you need to bring the French language and culture alive for people to really engage enough to start learning. Conversation, French grammar and vocabulary along with an awareness of France, its people and culture are all seamlessly integrated into my lessons. For the duration of your lesson, you’ll be transported to France, be immersed in the language, and yet most of the time it won’t even feel like a formal lesson!

Relaxed, supportive environment

I understand that it can be intimidating to speak in another language. I am a French native speaker living in an English speaking country, so I understand the challenges! My French language lessons like French for beginners are taught in a relaxed, supportive environment where my students are encouraged to have a go.  Mistakes are just part of the learning process. The important thing is to try! 

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