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5 epic reasons you must visit the Louvre!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

When you go to Paris, the Louvre museum is a must-do! Not only for its impressive architecture and the thousands of art pieces it hosts since its creation centuries ago, but also for its accessibility and its position in the middle of Paris! At French Lessons Brisbane, we listed the 5 reasons why it is such an essential place to visit. Join us in the tour of the Louvre museum!

Louvre Museum in Paris, France

5 Reasons to Visit the Louvre                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

1) One of the world’s largest monument

At the time of its creation in 1793, the Louvre was not as big as today. Most of its 500 paintings were of royal or church origins. In the early 19th century, Napoleon allowed the museum to grow through its multiple campaigns and imports of art pieces, and what we know today as the Louvres was then called the ”Musee Napoleon”. After the Waterloo’s defeat, a high number of pieces were returned to their owners all around Europe. Hopefully, all along the 19th century, with the economic growth of France and the precious help of three French kings and emperor: Louis XVIII, Charles X and Bonaparte, the Louvre had added more than 20,000 art pieces to its already prestigious collection!

Today, the Musee du Louvre owns around 400,000 objects, of which a bit less than one tenth is displayed to the public. The Louvre it is also 652,000 sq ft dedicated to art, and the second world’s most visited musee (the most visited being in China) with 15,000 visitors everyday! It is also the most famous one in the world and its brand is known world-wide. In Abu Dhabi, a second version of the Louvre will be soon opened and will be narrowly connected with the French one.

2) An historical building: the multiple lives of the Louvre

The Louvre’s pyramid is quite recent as it has been achieved in 1989. Contrasting with the classical architecture of the Louvre Palace (”Palais du Louvre”), the glass-made pyramid is definitely modern. The Louvre Palace has been built in the 12th century as a fortress under Philip II. Then, it became a monastery and a royal residence. One of its royal residents, the king Francis I, acquired in the 16th century what was going to be the cornerstone of the Museum’s success: the Mona Lisa, from Leonardo Da Vinci.

We can say that the Louvre has had multiple lives, it saw centuries going by, a lot of wars, has had a lot of owners, and is now more famous than ever. Between 1989 and 2014, the Louvre’s attendance has doubled. When you go visiting the Louvre, you are not only impressed by the incredible art pieces it hosts, but also by its own timeless greatness.


3) In the middle of Paris

The Louvre is located right in the middle of Paris.

This perfect location makes it even more accessible for tourists. The adjacent Tuileries Gardens are an ”incontournable” as well, and links the Place de la Concorde with the Louvre Palace.

map louvre


4) European and world history in one day

Because the Louvre is almost a thousand years old, and because it hosts hundreds of thousands of objects, the Louvre’s discovery is like travelling centuries and countries in one day. If you’re a real art-addict, the visit will probably take you way more than a day, but otherwise, one full day is usually advised. In fact, the museum houses several permanent collections: the department of Egyptian antiquities ; the department of near Eastern antiquities ; the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman department ; the Islamic art collection ; the sculpture department, the Objet d’Art collection regrouping diverse decorative artefacts ; the paintings collection that gathers thousands of paintings like the Mona Lisa ; and the prints and drawings department. 

When you visit the Louvre, you are not only visiting Paris artistic centre. You are also visiting the artistic heart of the world!

5) An affordable experience

Some people associates art with expensive prices. Yet, the Louvre museum is an incredibly affordable place. You can use public transport (metro and buses) to reach it, and adult tickets are 15 euros. Under 18, you go free. And every Friday evenings, under-26s have a free entry as well. Moreover, from October to March, the entry is free for everyone every first Sunday of the month.

So, do you have any reason left to not visit the Louvre?

At French Lessons Brisbane, we are happy to hear from you anytime! Tell us your thoughts about the Louvre, about France, about the French language or about our blog !


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