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French Champagne

Monday, February 06, 2012

French  Champagne?

Champagne is a luxurious alcoholic beverage, that comes from the north-eastern region of France of the same name, and is near the city of Reims. The name Champagne is derived from the Latin word ‘campania’ and refers to the similarities of the rolling hills in the French province and the landscape around Campania, which is located south of Rome, in Italy.

During any special occasion, a bottle of Champagne isn’t too far away, and is brought out to celebrate achievements in a social and classy manner. Champagne is a universal symbol of success, including the marking of age on a birthday, advancements in your studies or career, or it can simply be used to signify the love of two people on a wedding or anniversary occasion.

If you want to celebrate in style, with a historic French beverage, Champagne will never fail to impress. Although cheap commercial versions of the well-known drink are available outside of France, selecting true and authentic French-style Champagne cannot be replaced with more affordable versions.

If you have fussy work clientele, or a romantic date you’d like to leave a classy and positive impression on, choose one of the most reputable French Champagne brands, such as Moet Chandon, Champagne Taittinger or Dom Ruinart. The difference in taste, luxury and quality is distinctly French and the ultimate in culinary indulgence. Just ensure you have an equally impressive food menu, that is appropriately chosen to match the taste of Champagne.

Every year, France produces and exports three hundred million bottles of Champagne, for special celebrations and also world-celebrations such as New Year’s Eve. The drink of Champagne, further proves that French culture and its foods and beverages are recognised as being elite, in all countries around the world.


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