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Coco Chanel

Monday, February 20, 2012

Who is Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel is a famous French fashion designer, and one of the most influential women in recent times. Her fashion designs transcended time, and although they were revolutionary at the time, her signature pieces are still fashionable and desirable now, as they were when they were first designed and released.

Coco Chanel grew up in an unstable home, and after her mother’s death she was sent by her father to live with relatives. Her social life continued an eccentric path and she started employment as an entertainer. During this time she changed her name to ‘Coco’ and formed relationships with several notable men, who helped her to gain recognition and source buyers for her new fashion business.

In 1910, Coco Chanel opened up a millinery shop in Paris, and sold hats which were very popular and helped her establish a name in French fashion. She continued to become more well recognised, and her influential fashion designs helped her earn a household name around the world.

Coco Chanel helped redefine both women and men’s clothing. She steered the women’s preferences away from the corset, and into stylish but comfortable business wear, including suits, pants and streamlined dresses. Coco herself dressed in masculine clothes, compared to the restrictive female fashions of the time, and she established a social change which liberated women of all generations. The impact Coco Chanel’s designs had on society and gender perception, is the primary reason that she is so popular and well recognised around the world still to this day.

She established an interest in couture, and Coco Chanel also formed a business deal to launch a perfume in her name, Chanel No. 5. In addition to being a high-class French fashion designer, Coco Chanel was also an intelligent businesswoman who transformed her  lifestyle to build an impressionable design company.


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