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Edith Piaf The symbol of France

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who is Edith Piaf?

Edith Piaf is the most famous singer from France, and her most popular songs were ‘La vie en rose’, ‘Milord, je ne regrette rein’, and a duet she sang with Theo Sarapo: ‘A quoi ça sert l’amour’.

In addition to being an amazing singer, with a beautiful voice and an inspiring stage presence, her life and work as a performer captivated a nation and really resembled the lifestyle of Paris as a city at the time. Her life wasn’t always easy, but she rose from the hard times to improve herself and those around her.

Despite growing up as a child in poverty, in a brothel, and with major medical conditions, she managed to use her talents to earn an enormous income and live a lavish lifestyle. Edith Piaf had many houses, cars and luxurious items, and she was always very generous with the people around her and those she cared about. She seemed to remember the hardship she endured as a child, and lived respectably in her more affluent lifestyle.

During WWII, Edith Piaf went to Germany to sing for the French prisoners there. At the time she had her photo taken with them, and on her return to France, she took their individual pictures out of the group photo, so she could create passports for them, allowing them to return to France.

Edith Piaf married Jacques Pills in 1952 and after a divorce, she married Theo Sarapo in 1962. Edith Piaf was very popular with men, but she was also popular with the citizens of France who used her music and stories to gain hope and inspiration for their own lives, and she continues to live in their hearts today, even after her death.



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