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Famous French Writers Victor Hugo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who is Victor Hugo?

Victor Hugo is one of the most famous and influential writers from France. His best and most notable works include The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1831, and Les Misérables in 1862. He was born in 1802, at Besancon in France.

Victor Hugo was a poet, a dramatist and a novelist. He became interested in literary expressions and demonstrated a natural talent from a young age. As he grew older, he released more work, and by the age of thirty he already had many popular titles to his name. His writing was very versatile, and he easily adapted his skills to many different outputs, including ballads, romances and dramas.

Around the time of the French revolution in 1830, a literary revolution was also occurring, and Victor Hugo was responsible for many of the changes and practises that started to happen. French writing had been traditionally structured, and Victor Hugo, along with other popular writers at the time tried to break away from these trends and adapt an unorthodox and varied verse.

Many literary critics still find fault in Victor Hugo. His works are not perfect, but this is also part of his charm and appeal. There probably hasn’t been a French writer since, who has been so influential, has had such unique control over words and language, and has made such a dramatic change to literary practises.

Victor Hugo’s works may not be contemporary, yet they are still relevant to French culture, and literary studies today. His plays, poems and other writings are often included in various curriculums, in the effort to analyse them in school, college or university. Victor Hugo is still loved around the world, for his profound abilities as a French writer.


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