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French Film Festival Brisbane

Monday, March 12, 2012

French Film Festival Brisbane

Learn about and love authentic French Culture and the arts with the French Film Festival Brisbane. The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2012 will also be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. Local Brisbane residents can attend the French Film Festival Brisbane in their own city, between the dates of March 14, and April 1, 2012.

Alliance Francaise was established in 1883, in Paris, and now they have a network of over 1040 branches around the world. This organisation is not for profit, and is independent. Their sole purpose is to promote French Films, arts and culture to the world. For 23 years they have been producing the French Film Festival Brisbane, and bringing French Films to Australia.

Over five weeks, the French Film Festival Brisbane will showcase over 40 French films that were released in France over the past year. Visitors will view a range of film genres including, comedy, drama, horror, animation and documentaries. These films will prove the talents of French creative professionals, including the writers, actors and film makers themselves. These people are highly skilled, passionate about their work, and can offer a unique perspective on film, arts and culture.

The  French Film Festival Brisbane is also a perfect opportunity for lovers of France, and people who are learning French as a second language. The festival will provide, in one location, many French films that can be used as a real-life language learning opportunity. When you learn a new language, it is important to apply your lessons to real life contexts, and listen to French dialogue as it would be carried out naturally, in its own country.

The festival will also provide an attraction for residents from France who are living, working or studying in Brisbane. They will be able to indulge in their own culture, without needing to return home, and will have the opportunity to share their own country with family, colleges and friends who they may have in Australia.

Each year, The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival attracts over 130,000 visitors and has developed into a well-recognised arts and cultural event. It is the largest French film festival in the world, outside of France. These films strengthen the bond between France and Australia, link cultures and celebrate our unique similarities and differences as two nations.


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