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French Impressionnistes

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who are the French Impressionnistes?

The Impressionnistes were a group of French artists, who changed the way art was perceived and created. They emerged during the late 1800’s and included the famous artists, Monet,  Morisot, and Pissarro.

At that time, French artwork was all about precise lines and highly technical drawings. Tradition had formed methods of creating art in France, but The Impressionnistes changed this with their more whimsical paintings, that focused less on lines, and more the inclusion of light and its variants in a picture.

They also included qualities such as the transforming effect of time, and created art based around how a human perceived an object or a setting. The Impressionnistes usually focused on a very normal object or environment. They did not seek out abstract subject matter, but used landscapes and still-life objects for inspiration.

The Impressionnistes first became popular when they started exhibiting their artworks independently around France. Although they did increase in popularity, and have since made a huge impact on the way art is created, loved and sold today, at the time many people criticised The Impressionnistes, including art purists who preferred the technical and traditional art styles.

Around the world today The Impressionnistes still influence artists and many art schools use their works to demonstrate strategies for creating art, including their preferred colours and brush painting techniques. The masters of the The Impressionnistes are studied by prospective artists, and a style of work similar to The Impressionnistes can still hold that label even if it is created today.

If you are interested in art, including The Impressionnistes, consider a holiday or business trip to France that includes a visit to major art galleries that collect artwork from this period. France cherishes these items, which are now highly desired, expensive, and require a great deal of care to preserve them.


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