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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

French Lessons for Preschoolers

Early childhood educators understand the importance of bilingualism, and preschools and daycare centres can utilise the French lessons in Brisbane within their program. As part of national childcare curriculum standards, early childhood services are required to deliver a program that is inclusive, multicultural and relevant to the needs and interests of those families within their community.

Preschools and long day care services can enrich their children’s language skills through French lessons in Brisbane. Lessons can either be delivered to preschool aged children while they are attending preschool, or the teachers at the service can participate in language lessons themselves, so they can then pass on their knowledge and skills to the children whom they teach.

Learning another language is a powerful way to build confidence, gain empathy for others, become more aware of the world, and understand the functions and benefits of languages in general. As Australia is a multicultural nation, we already have many French families living here and many preschool aged children are already aware of France as a country, speak French themselves, or have a French heritage.

Delivering French lessons Brisbane to young children in their educational program is a fantastic way to involve families and include children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The lessons will provide all children with practical skills, inspire them to learn more about France and the French language, and develop friendships with other children who have a French background.

Teachers can complement the lessons with additional resources, such as books, puppets and French songs. They will also learn the skills and knowledge from the lessons, to extend this learning outside of the structured French classes, and teach the language to the children themselves, during other times.


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