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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top French Films

If you’re a moviegoer, And you’ve probably got your own ‘à voir’ list. So, good for you! However we’re offering to help you fill up your favorite list with top French movies that will charm you, surprise you when you least expect it and simply make your day. Satisfying your need for les films français, we provide you with a full “movie schedule”!

La môme (La vie en rose)

Written: Olivier DahanSome of the songs that are always en vogue, representing the late ‘40s at its best, wouldn’t be what they are now at the moment without Edith Piaf’s angelic voice that gives you goose bumps. Marion Cotillard’s Oscar-wining performance, without a doubt, leaves its trace in the history of cinematography.

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec 

 The tale opens with a witty and charming Adèle Blanc-Sec, who happens to be on her next-in-turn mission in Egypt, trying to find a sarcophagus in order to get it back to Paris. At the same time, a fragile but brave enough lady fends off snags organized by archaeologist Dieuleveult. While Adele somehow balances on both fronts, a Parisian scientist with magical powers to cure Adele’s sister accidentally lets out Pterodactyl in the middle of Paris! Cartoonish old-school fun coming from the comic-books is a chaotic and free-spirited adventure that mixes up the best OMG moments from Indiana Jones and Victorian-era Paris charm!


A heartfelt love-story of two octogenarians Anne and Georges. A couple that is peacefully enjoying everyday life in retirement until the day, when the woman has a small stroke. When Anne gets back from the clinic, one side of her body is paralyzed. See how eternal love gets through ages and is put to the test when hard times come!

Intouchables (The Intouchables)

No raunchy jokes or chick-flick stuff. A touching but at the same time thought-provoking story shows how close two individuals can become despite being on opposite sides of

the social scale. An aristocrat with a serious diagnosis and a street know-it-all, two different lives – one ever-connecting companionship!


 Cédric Klapisch’s movie is about peeping into somebody else’s life without permission. Looking one way you see Pierre, a superb dancer, who happens to suffer from a heart disease. He’s stuck in time, day by day waiting for a new heart that will (or won’t?) save his life. What can you do while balancing between life and death? Explore life around you, from the window of the world you’re settled in. That’s what Pierre does day and night….

Looking the other way you see Pierre’s sister Elise, busy with three kids and their brother, who’s in need of her care.

You see an old man trying to hook a young chick from his class. You see Parisians, who are reflected in Pierre’s eyes while dancing in the City of Light. C’est la vie.

You make your own happy ending – what a bless from Cédric Klapisch!


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