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Haute Couture French Fashion Lessons for Everyone

Monday, February 22, 2016
Haute Couture French Fashion Lessons for Everyone

For as long as anyone can imagine, Paris has been the fashion center of the world. There’s a reason we call it “haute couture”, after all. But fashion in France is about more than just the runway. You’ll notice when you visit, that people love their fashion. In fact, we can all learn from the French about how to dress for almost any occasion.

Accessorizing – Less Is Always More!

French Fashion icon Coco Chanel once said that the key to being perfectly accessorized is to look in the mirror before leaving the house…and discard one accessory. French fashion is almost minimalist without being boring or militaristic in a way that makes it all the more intriguing.

The Perfect Fit is the True Height of Fashion

Whether you’re buying couture or off-the-rack, you absolutely must not overlook fit. French men and women seem to have their tailors on call for every kind of fitting emergency because – more than anyone else in the world – the French understand the importance of a well-tailored ensemble. No matter how beautiful a coat, dress, or pair of pants may be, they’re not going to look good if they aren’t properly fit. So, unless you plan to have it tailored, don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you like a glove.

Paris is the Center of the Fashion World!

Paris is not only home to Coco Chanel and her famed brand, but also Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and much more. When you visit Paris, you’ll love the shopping opportunities in le Marais. This very popular shopping district is full of fashion boutiques where you can find these designers and more!

With these tips, you’ll look right at home anywhere you go in France. And, with a few French lessons, you’ll fit in perfectly as you communicate with ease. Order our online French lessons today and get started!



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