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How to ask smart questions in French

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Learn How to Ask a Question in French

Asking a question in another language is never easy, especially when you're a bit shy and not confident with your language skills.

With French Lessons Brisbane, get rid of your hesitations and learn today how to ask a question in French! There is nothing complicated once you get the essentials!

Because French is French, there are a considerable amount of ways to ask a question! But we will only study three, the most frequent and easy-to-grasp:

a) The interrogative statement

This is the easiest way to form a question in French: you simply add a question mark at the end of a statement.

  • Vous parlez anglais? -> You speak English?
  • Tu as bien dormi? -> Did you sleep well?
This is used for conversations and casual questions. You only need to rise the intonation at the end of the sentence to clearly mark your question. Easy, right?

b) The inversion
By inverting the person (pronoun) and the verb and placing a dash between them, you can also pretty easily build a question.
  • Vas-tu en Australie? -> Do you go in Australia?
  • Parlez-vous francais? -> Do you speak French?
There are some particularities however. For the third person of singular, if the verb ends with a vowel, it looks a bit more complicated but it really is a just a matter of sound:
  • Aime-t-elle danser? -> Does she like dancing?
  • Joue-t-il souvent au poker? -> Does he play often poker?
If you want to add a noun and/or an interrogative adverb, you will need to place them before the inversion, like this:
  • Marie chante-t-elle a l'opera ce soir? -> Does Mary sings at the opera tonight?
  • Quand Sebastien arrive-t-il a la maison? -> When does Sebastien arrive at home?
  • Pourquoi veux-tu toujours tout savoir? -> Why do you always want to know everything?

c) The ''Est-ce-que'' form
This form sounds a bit strange but with a bit of practice you'll be able to pronounce it as a local does, that to say very very quickly!
  • Est-ce que tu parles anglais? -> Do you speak English?
  • Est-ce qu'ils aiment la musique? -> Do they like music?

Now, it's your turn to train yourself with some basic questions you may have when travelling in France!
  • Quel est ton nom? -> What is your name?
  • Tu viens d'ou? -> Where are you from?
  • Aimes-tu Paris? -> Do you like Paris?
What other questions could you ask? Leave us a comment!

If you want to learn French, just email us, call us or fill the form at the end of the page! There is always an opportunity for you to take! Learning French is not that difficult, especially when experience native French teachers are there to make you progress faster and better!


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