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Notre de Dame

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is Notre de Dame?

Notre de Dame is a cathedral in Paris, but even before this was built the site was used for centuries, for various other religious monuments, by The Celts, The Romans, and even a Christian Basilica was established on the site. Notre de Dame, as it stands today was built in 1116, by Bishop Maurice de Sully.

The architecture style followed the new gothic style of the time, and influenced the style of further cathedrals that were built afterwards. The establishment of Notre de Dame was a bold and beautiful statement, and no other cathedral at that time resembled such scale and impressiveness. Today, the structure still maintains its beauty and does not fail to please those of a religious faith, French citizens, are gazing tourists who travel specifically to view and learn about the building.

Notre de Dame is a very large construction, and the development actually look several hundred years to complete. This is because the size of the building was actually extended after construction had started, and since then many alterations and restorations have been made to care for and preserve this historical and architectural monument.

In the 19th Century the influential French author Victor Hugo wrote a book about the Notre de Dame, which convinced the public that the building was valuable and that restorations were worthwhile. These commenced, however in the process the building was changed from its original condition. Recent restorations, that ended in 2001 ensured that history was preserved and the original state was maintained as much as possible.

Notre de Dame remains a French icon, a historical and architectural monument, and also a tourist attraction that draws visitors from around France, and also around the world. This building is frequently photographed, and many artworks have been based around its presence.


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