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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Information About Provence

Provence is a region in South-Eastern France. It lies on the Mediterranean and is adjacent to the country of Italy. The attraction of Provence is the Mediterranean climate which allows for the enjoyment of warm nights, dry summers and mild winters. The environment is perfect for swimming in tranquil waters and enjoying a relaxing holiday filled with luxuries and exotic foods.

The weather of Provence also allows for certain types of delicacies to be produced locally. If you experience the food in this area, expect to receive a rich range of sheep and goats products, and fresh foods from small local growers. The soil is of poor quality, but the seafood on the coast makes up for this, including fresh fish and crayfish. Local growers adapt their fruits and vegetables to suit the climate, and planting and harvesting procedures are rich with tradition.

The recipes from Provence have been passed down between generations, and are connected to the family they exist in. Always expect strong flavours, fresh foods, exotic cheeses and seafood dishes. The food of Provence is loved by both the French locals, and visitors from around the world. It provides a perfect accompaniment to a romantic or relaxing Mediterranean holiday.


Provence is also known for a long history, and there is evidence of ancient human existence in this area. It is one of the oldest regions in Europe and visitors can learn more about the ancient civilisations, cultures and traditions through joining tour groups, or strolling alone through the local museums and information centres.

The romantic and tranquil setting of Provence has allowed it to feature in several popular films, which has increased the notability of this region in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia and America.

The historical film of , L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat, means in English, The entry of a train into the station of Ciotat. This film was silent, and only lasted fifty seconds in black and white imagery, and was made by Auguste and Louis Lumière at the train station of the coastal town of La Ciotat, in Provence.

This film was broadcast in the Eden Theater in September 1895, making this one of the first motion picture cinemas in existence. Provence is rich with history and culture that celebrates arts and humanities, and is a much loved region of France, by all who visit there.

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