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Speak your way to the Top!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Speak your way to the top! 

Learning New Language for Self-improvement

For most of us, we learn a language so that we can speak it! But these days with all of our technological gadgets, we are losing the opportunity to speak and learn face to face. French Lessons Brisbane acknowledges how important speaking is to your learning and we aim to incorporate as many speaking activities in our courses as possible! Below are a few reasons why speaking a language is the best way to learn it

1. Real life practice Speaking in front of fellow classmates or peers really does mirror what it will be like out there in the real world. Face to face learning is engaging, fun and most of all, realistic!

2. Learn from your mistakes Making mistakes is part of the learning process, and French Lessons Brisbane aims to create a fun, interactive and accepting environment that encourages you to have a go, and most importantly won’t judge you when you make a blunder! It’s all about putting yourself out there!

3. Conversations Learning how to speak a language isn’t a one way street. In order to improve from week to week, you need to communicate with others who challenge you. This experiential learning guarantees much better results in speaking and listening in foreign languages.

4. Teamwork We at French Lessons Brisbane has a very strong sense of community and ‘team’ about our courses. We encourage all students to get emotionally involved in their learning and this is much more likely to happen when you’re working together in a group! We promise our courses will challenge you to be your best and you’ll be helping others achieve their goals along the way too! The relationships you establish here will be something special!

5. Motivation Having an incentive to turn up to class really enhances your learning experience as well! And our friendly, welcoming and engaging environment provides you with just that! French Lessons Brisbane will support you throughout your entire language journey and will be there to encourage and push you every step of the way!

So make sure you speak your way to the top next term, by coming down to French Lessons Brisbane and getting involved in our adults or kids courses!

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