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TGV French High Speed Train

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TGV High Speed Train

TGV is an abbreviation for Train à Grande Vitesse, which is French for high-speed train, and it is the primary rail network in France. When Japan started to develop the ‘Bullet Train’ or Shinkansen in the 1950’s, France started to explore other technologies, so it too could provide a fast, reliable, safe and efficient means of public transport.

The French government investigated various options including trains that acted like hovercrafts, and the end result, which has proven to be a popular investment, is the TGV trains. TGV trains operate on a conventional track, and they are the fastest of this kind in the world.

Originally they were established as a public transport method for regions close to Paris, and due to their popularity the government has expanded their development to other regions of France. Now, TGV trains are also being developed in neighbouring European countries, which allows the French tracks to connect, and smooth international transfers are made easy.

TGVs connect with Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This international development proves that business and tourism is becoming more accessible, and travellers can move efficiently through neighbouring countries without the complications of past decades.

Easy international travel is extremely important for international relations and a maintaining a stable economy, but it also allows individuals to become exposed to other cultures, including the many benefits that France has to offer as a country. Visitors to other parts of Europe can easily visit France for a day-trip via TGV, and explore the diverse wine-regions, cafes, eateries and cities that the impressive country has to offer.

International travel, is another wonderful reason to learn the popular, practical and romantic language of French. Understanding even some basic words and phrases can extend your enjoyment and benefits of a brief visit to France from a neighbouring country, while also enjoying a fast paced, and scenic journey on France’s TGV rail system.


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