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What are the Benefits of Learning French

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What are the benefits of learning French?

Many people around the world choose to learn French as their second language. The benefits of knowing another language, especially French, are incredible and can change the way you live, learn and interact with other people from around the world – so what are the benefits of learning French?

French is considered the second most influential language in the world and is spoken in more than two dozen countries in five continents. Learning French means that you can travel and interact with local citizens in all corners of the world. Learning another language, other than French may restrict your interactions with a particular country, however French culture and historical influences are everywhere. No matter where you travel, you are bound to meet people who are either native French speakers, or have chosen French themselves, as an additional language.

French is added into many school curriculums, often as a compulsory subject. Students and their families may ask their teachers, what are the benefits of learning French, and the justification is strong. Students who would like to grow up, into a successful career, will benefit from learning another language, especially one that is so frequently used in international business, as is French. Learning a new language helps in participating in education programs abroad, and securing employment opportunities that involve international relations.

Learning French is also great for avid travellers. When you arrive in a new country, you will gain more satisfaction from your travels if you are able to interact with the local citizens. Knowing French, even just a little bit, will allow you to ask for directions, barter for the price of goods, and learn more about the local history and culture of a region. Local citizens will be more likely to help you, and ask you to join them in their own activities, if you can communicate well with them, and show respect by knowing some of their language.

Learning to speak French, can also help you to understand your own language better, especially if your language is English. Historically French and English have many similarities, and English borrows words from the French language. The grammar is similar and learning both languages will improve your understanding of words, literature, and the way people communicate. Learning a new language is an impressive skill, and now, hopefully you have a better understanding of what the benefits of learning French are.



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