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What are the benefits of reading in French?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What are the Benefits of reading in French ?

Here at French Lessons Brisbane, we’re big believers in reading! Whether it be reading an article, reading a story in your textbook, or even reading a French menu, anything and everything helps! In order to make some progress, our top tip would be to read some French for just 15 minutes per day. 

So why should I read in French? 

1. Reading is fun! 

Reading is something most of you already enjoy doing, but what about transforming this hobby into a learning tool. There are tons of resources online from magazines to newspapers and blogs, so no matter what your passions are we are sure you can find some useful reading materials in French! 

2. Improve your writing skills 

Immersing yourself in French writing will enable you to imitate their styles and implement them into your own writing. The more you read, the more you will see the same vocabulary over and over again, which is guaranteed to help you memorise those tricky words, and get that sentence structure down pat! 

3. Builds vocabulary in a context 

French, like English has a lot of vocab, with different meanings dependent on their context or phrase. Reading an article will add the context you sometimes need to fully grasp an idea! As well as this, your brain will start to become accustomed the nuances of the French language and you won’t even notice when you begin to slip these into your language! 

Your bookstore in Australia

There you have it! French Lessons Brisbane’s top reasons for you to get into reading this term! Before we let you get started on your reading… we just wanted to give you a quick reminder about the upcoming French Film Festival! 

French Film Festival 

The festival will be back this year at James Street’s The Barracks, showcasing the best 49 French films of the past year! It is on from the 13th of March to the 1st of April- so get in quick to book your seat as they are guaranteed to go quickly! Many of us here at French Lessons Brisbane will be going along, and would love to see you there!! Follow the link to book your seat today!

France Gourmet 

In our Internet travels, we here at French Lessons Brisbane have discovered a very unique French website. France Gourmet is a place for you to shop online for all of your French food needs! It’s got everything from froi gras and rillete duck to French cheeses and duck confit (and let’s not forget everyone’s favourite drink Orangina)! The products are delivered fresh to your door for very reasonable prices! Have a look for yourself right here!


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