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Why Learn French?

Did you know…

  • Did you know that French is the native language in more than 2 dozen countries across 5 continents?
  • That’s 79 million native French speakers and 190 million secondary French speakers! 
  • After English, French is the second most commonly taught language
  • French has been ranked the 2nd most influential language* in the world!
  • French is the official language of many high profile international organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations and the International Red Cross
  • French and English are the most widely used languages on the internet
* Weber, George. "The World's 10 Most Influential Languages," Language Today, Vol. 2, Dec 1997

This is a bit of fun. Why learning French is better than....everything!

The benefits of learning French for Children

Young children

Young children are like sponges – they listen, adsorb and copy the sights and sounds around them. Children haven’t yet mastered their mother tongue, so learning a different language comes quite naturally to them. Studies have shown that if a child starts learning a language at an early age, he or she will find learning that language a lot easier when they are older.

Learning another language has also been shown to improve a child’s appreciation of their own language. Did you know that French has contributed more words to the English language than any other language? Your child will also have a greater appreciation of English grammar, vocabulary and structures. 

Learning about another country also opens childrens’ eyes to other cultures and ways of living. There’s a whole world out there to explore!


Improve academic results

Studies have shown that learning a foreign language actually helps improve student results in maths, reading and language arts. Learning French will improve problem solving skills, memory and self discipline.

As years of foreign language study increase, math and verbal SAT scores increase. (1) Children who study a foreign language often have higher standardized test scores in math, reading, and language arts.

I’m a grown up! Why should I learn French?

Just for the love of France, its language, people, history, food and music! (joie de vie!)

  • Being able to converse with French people 
  • Enhancing your trip to France and to many other countries
  • Greater appreciation of another culture and way of living
  • Greater understanding of your own language
  • Become bilingual and greatly enhance your career prospects in our global community
  • Improve your problem solving skills and memory!
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